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OLP 1+1 Optical Line Protector

Optical line protection switch provides both Manual and Automatic switching mode. In Manual mode, the system switches optical path only based on the commands from user. In the Automatic mode, the system switches based on the power level detected and the preset threshold. Under automatic mode, the system can be set to be revertive or Non-revertive modes. Under Revertive mode, the system switches back to the working path automatically after the fault condition is cleared. Under Non-revertive mode, the system does not switch back The OLP models fit OLK8000 series CH04, CH08, CH20 chassis
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1. 1+1 protection
2. Support automatic switching of primary and secondary routes
3. Support  manual and automatic switching modes 
4. Low switching time <20ms
5. Low insertion loss: <4.5dB 
6. Support automatic return to the Primary 
7. Support manual, automatic working mode settings
8. Support for switching threshold settings
1. Online monitoring and protection of optical fiber lines
2. Select communication route based on 1*2 optical switch
3. DWDM transmission